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Diagnosis Services 

Engine Code/Electrical Diagnosis: from $40.00+


DTC/TC, Dash Lights, Other: from $40.00+*


Airbag Diagnosis / Reset: from $60.00+*


Please note prices is based on diagnosis service, if repair requires additional parts, additional charges might

Breakdown Services

Dedicated Mechanics

-Standard Radiator Flush: from $100.00+*

*Please note pricing is based on radiator with capacity of 4 liters; additional charges might apply at $3 per liter extra. If special type of anti-freeze is required additional charges will apply.

Radiator Flush

Oil Change

1. Regular Oil/Non-Synthetic: from        $70.00+*

2. Synthetic Oil: from $90.00+*

3. If You Have Oil and Filter then we charge Labour $10 on car, $15 on SUVs  and Trucks $20 


*Please note engine oil changes prices are set for 5 Liter engine oil capacity, engines with oil capacity above 5 liters will be charged additional of $5.00 per liter for non-synthetic oil and $10.00 per liter for synthetic oil.

Battery change

Brakes Service

Brake Pads/Shoes/Rotors

Prices varies per vehicle. Please inquire for price.

Tire Change

-Tire Change: from $20.00*

-Wheel Balance: from $10.00*

-Tire Leak Repair: from $20.00*


*Please note extra charge might apply for oversized tires and low profile tires.

^Price is based on basic hole repair, additional charges might apply for additional repair.

You're in the right place if you need a tire change in Saskatoon. At Moon Auto, you'll find automotive specialists who are skilled, certified and understand that the right maintenance at the right time can go a long way to keeping your ride in top condition. That means you don't have to have an appointment to visit, and when you do come in, all you have to do is tell us about your tire change needs and relax with complimentary coffee and newspapers while we take care of it.

Transmission Flush

-Transmission Flush: from $95.00+*

-Differential Flush: from $55.00+*^

*Please note standard OEM spec will be used, additional cost might apply for gasket replacement if needed, prices varies on model of vehicle.

*Base Price for 2 wheel drive vehicle with 1 axle differential, 4 wheel drives or vehicle with transfer case will cost additional.

Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

Collision Repair

We invest heavily in the best equipment and training possible. Our facility has been custom designed for each step of the collision repair process ensuring our technicians have the right tool and the right space to do the best work possible.

Automotive Refinishing

To truly make your vehicle shine we offer the best in automotive refinishing equipment and training for our paint technicians. . 

Frame Straightening

we uses an advanced measuring system for frame repairs. the Car-O-Liner Vision system is the worlds most advanced frame alignment system today. Car-O-Liner exceeds pulling requirements and provides precise vehicle information for over 16,500 vehicles.


At Moon Auto we pride ourselves on cleanliness and this translates to your vehicle as well. Every vehicle that comes through our facility is washed 4 times throughout the process. Upon delivery we fully detail your vehicles inside and out showing off it’s brand new shinyness!

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